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Winter Chautauqua - Emily Dickinson

February 10th, 2018 7:00 PM
Contact Number: 580.551.9792
Location: NWOSU-Enid, 2929 E Randolph

Winter Chautauqua in Enid promises to be an exciting event with two early workshops and one performance in the evening. The Enid Chautauqua is a celebration of culture and heritage. The goal of the event is to further understanding of history through entertainment, lectures and concerts. Don't miss this chance to learn something new and participate in a piece of history.

This year's presentation covers the life of American poet Emily Dickinson. Visit Enid for the special one-day showing of Winter Chautauqua with workshops by scholar Debra Connor.


10:30 am, "The Only Kangaroo"
Aware of her peculiarities, Emily Dickinson’s once described herself as being “The Only Kangaroo among the Beauty.” Among scholars, Dickinson’s unconventional lifestyle has generated much debate. Was Dickinson mentally ill? Or did she consciously choose her unusual lifestyle in order to devote herself completely to her art? In this workshop we’ll look at Dickinson’s eccentricities, at some possible diagnoses, and attempt to answer that question.

12 pm,  "I’m Nobody"
Emily Dickinson penned over 1,700 poems during her lifetime, yet only a few of those were published. She died an unknown poet. In this workshop, I’ll explain how her poems came to be published after her death. Dickinson’s posthumous path to publication is one of the most fascinating stories in all of literature.

Feature presentation 7 pm

Free admission.