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Sugar High: Immersive Art Experience

April 1st, 2022 All Day - May 8th, 2022
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Location: 220 N Washington

Sugar High EnidHours

Thursday 5-9 pm
Friday-Saturday 1-9 pm
Sunday 1-5 pm

Sugar High explores a fictitious future in which we only eat sugar and instant gratification is a way of life. Sugar High presents a surreal sugar dream addressing our modern world’s prioritization of immediate satisfaction over all else.

To depict this future, our team has created an immersive, interactive art installation for visitors to explore the Sugar High world. The installation will be an indulgent treat for the young and young at heart.

Sugar High is also a warning against constant sensory overload which (even when tasty, vibrant, and sweet) bends us towards a state of being that is nasty, brutish, and short.

Contributing artists include Nick Bayer, Aunj Braggs, Ben Ezzell, Nathan Guidry, Lori Hill, Riley Jantzen, Corey Keller, Jamie Kimball,  Angie LaPaglia, Hugh Meade, Kiona Millirons, Tox Murillo, Nicole Moan, romy owens, Jes Petrus, Jaime Rodriguez, Klint Schor, & Twylene Tepe.

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