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All Aboard: Examining the Orphan Trains - a Special Exhibit

January 21st, 2022 All Day - June 4th, 2022
Contact Number: 580.237.1907
Location: Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, 507 S 4th

CSRHC Orphan Trains EnidThroughout the 19th century, immigration to eastern U.S. cities increased and the country's population was growing. The Industrial Revolution worsened the situation, with few institutions in place to care for the poor or indigent. The orphan train movement was an ambitious, yet controversial attempt to relocate orphaned children from overpopulated cities on the east coast, to foster homes in the rural American west.

This exhibit explores the history of the orphan trains that brought orphaned children out to northwestern Oklahoma, and all across the Great Plains and beyond.

Exhibit is open during regular business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am-5 pm.