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Raising & Harvesting Rabbit & Poultry

September 10th, 2022 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Contact Number: 580.448.0210
Location: Red Bird Farm, 8812 N Us Highway

Raising & Harvesting Rabbit & Poultry

Our once a year, how to class that you have all been waiting for, just got better! 

Join me and the team at Red Bird Farm to discuss all things rabbit and poultry. 

You will be taken step by step through the entire process of brining a pasture raised, heritage breed, dual purpose chicken & rabbit from pasture, to freezer, to table. You will learn how to process a rabbit & chicken, (whole, quartered and spatchcock) with minimal equipment.

During this class, we will: 

-Discuss the basics of our human approaches to raising rabbit & poultry, where health, flavor quality of life and end product are more important than bulk fed "Fast Food."

-Compare heritage breeds to hybrids as well as discuss our system of utilizing spent laying hens for the freezer and how that helps with our sustainable approach to a full circle biodynamic way of farming. 

-(Talk Turkey, Quail & more) Discuss our simple rabbitry & how we tractor or meat birds. 

-Our Rabbit Class has been featured in the Oklahoma Today Magazine. (Our Fodder & Food Foresting Class is highly encouraged next Spring for more time and intense talk about how we feed naturally)

-Go over ethical culling techniques, skinning, scalding, plucking, and evisceration for small farms and homesteads. 

- Go over the uses for all parts to get the most out of your bird or bunny, no waste. 

-Discuss organ meat, how to quarter your poultry or rabbit and bag for freezer. Bagging and storage options. Discuss canning, dehydration & spatchcock for the BBQ.

-Bringing techniques for older birds as well as bone broth recipes will be included and discussed. Our Pressure Canning Meat class the following day, is a perfect add on to this class. 

-Answer questions about raising and hatching your own for healthier flocks. From incubator to brooders, feed and more. We got you covered. 

This will be a demo only class BUT we will open a small number of spaces to ADD ON a hands-on experience! After the initial demos are over these VIP Ticket holders will stay and be walked, one by one, through the prices and take home the bird they harvest with our guidance (bird provided by Red Bird Farm is included in VIP ticker pricing). Bring a notebook and snacks/.drinks for bread and be ready to learn how easy it is to raise and harvest your own healthy, happy, poultry & buns