Enid and the Chisholm Trail

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The Chisholm Trail was the superhighway of its day, the 1800’s version of I-35. Cowboys drove millions of cattle from Texas through Oklahoma to the Kansas railheads from 1867-1887 for shipment to the East Coast, where cattle prices were as much as 10 times higher than they were in Texas.

Bob Klemme

The Chisholm Trail rolled through the heart of what we now know as Enid, and while our city and many others along the trail celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail in 2017, that doesn't mean the trail has gone away. You can still come to Enid and see all we've done to recognize the Chisholm Trail as an important event in our nation's history.

You can now drive the Chisholm Trail through Enid thanks to the City of Enid painting hoofprints on streets where the Trail passed. See the story here.

It’s Enid’s chance to also recognize the late Bob Klemme (right), the Chisholm Trail historian who made it his personal mission to keep the memory of the trail alive for future generations by making and placing over 400 concrete markers in Oklahoma wherever the Chisholm Trail crossed a section line.

Beside's Mr. Klemme's markers, Enid has a piece of public art that depicts life on the Chisholm Trail. "The Trail," was dedicated on Bob Klemme's birthday, December 15, 2016, at the corner of Grand and Maine on the Garfield Furniture mattress store building. This location sits directly on the Chisholm Trail, and the cowboy on the horse guiding the herd is Bob Klemme, just another way Enid recognizes all he did to preserve the history of the Chisholm Trail.

The Trail, Enid

The Enid Television Network has produced an outstanding video tribute featuring Bob Klemme telling his story of marking the Chisholm Trail as well as the story behind "The Trail" mural. View this video tribute here.

We also encourage you to visit Ruth Monro Augur's Murals inside the Garfield County Courthouse, just one block north of "The Trail." These murals were painted in the 1930s and portrays a fascinating depiction of life in this region from before white men lived on the Plains through the Great Land Run of 1893 and includes a mural of the Chisholm Trail. Click on the link to learn more about these fabulous murals.

Guardian of the Chisholm Trail

The Enid Welcome Center has Chisholm Trail 150 memorabilia available, including a custom coin, handcrafted wood ornaments and stoneware mugs marking this historic anniversary. Also available is "Guardian of the Chisholm Trail," a documentary DVD and audio travel guide CD featuring Bob Klemme and the Chisholm Trail as it passed through what is now Garfield County. We're located at 201 W Garriott. 

Visit ChisholmTrail150.org, a website dedicated to detailing the history of the Chisholm Trail Chisholm Trail 150th mugs